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The objective of Equation Quest is to foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills through the cooperative manipulation of numbers and operations, AND TO HAVE FUN WHILE DOING IT!


This powerful, versatile, tactile, hands-on math game is A STANDARDS POWERHOUSE, covering more than just math standards.  It also integrates with standards in ELA,  health, history/social studies, science, and PE.  Designed for levels from pre-K through 6th grade, it can also be used for higher math levels, homeschoolers, grandchildren, etc.  It is portable, so it can be taken on field trips or anywhere students will have some time to occupy.  It’s great for substitute teachers as well.  It can be used as a center activity, with various groups, and independently.  It can be used during a whole class period or just for 5 or 10 minutes!


Each number block contains 5 different representations of the number, as seen in the photographs of the blocks at the bottom of this page.

How it works:

teacher chooses answer

There are countless ways to adjust the challenge level for students.  The teacher can require a specific number of blocks to be used, a specific number of signs to be used, and even request that students gallop while they are playing!  Yes, this can even be played outdoors or in a gym (add P.E. standards)!

That is only one way to play.  There are countless ways to use this game!  Here are just a few examples:  ♦In addition to whole numbers as the answer to the expression, the answer may be a fraction, decimal, or even an equation with variables (whatever students are working on at the time).  ♦For a super challenge, students try to create an equation using ALL of the blocks.  ♦For measurement and geometry, depending on ability level, students can measure blocks, use the blocks as units to measure objects in the room, calculate perimeter, area, and/or volume of one or multiple blocks (they can create rectangular prisms, cubes, and other structures).  ♦During P.E., spread the blocks over a large area of the playground or gym and play the game (specific movements can even be required, like skipping, galloping, hopping, etc.).  ♦For a science lesson, allow students to handle the blocks and discuss where wood comes from, the plant life cycle, count and discuss growth rings, etc., and show the process video on this website.  ♦For language arts, students can write a journal entry or other paragraph about their experience, or write an essay explaining the process of playing the game.  THERE ARE SO MANY MORE WAYS TO USE THIS GAME!


Equation Quest is recommended for grades Pre-K through 6th, above and below grade level students, and special education, however, it can also be used for middle school and high school students for challenging quests (such as students must use every block or must create an equation using variables on both sides of the equation). It can also be used by students independently and/or as a center activity.


Examples of actual expressions created by students:


4 Kindergarten students, for answer 4

andrew2 (2)

Andrew, advanced 6th grade student, created an equation with solution y=21


6 students, 2nd grade, for answer 11


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